Investment Value for Beginners This Way

Investment Value for Beginners This Way

Investment Value for Beginners This Way – Today many young children are starting businesses with stocks, with the promised profits attracting a lot of people. The following is a way to start investing for beginners, which has been summarized from trusted sources.
Stock investing is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, stocks are an easy investment and can provide a lot of benefits. As novice investors, we need to know how to play safe stocks. This cannot be separated from the goal of getting as much profit as possible in the future.

Even though it is said to be one of the easy investments, stock investing is also high risk. Stock players may experience losses in the form of capital losses, or even get profits of up to 20% more in a short period of time.

Then, how to start investing in stocks that are right for beginners? Check out the following discussion.

Choosing the Right Securities

To start investing in stocks, we need to have a securities account or client fund accounts first. This account can be opened at securities companies.

After the account is successfully created, we must deposit a certain amount of money into the securities account. The money in the account will be like electronic money. Purchasing shares online can be made using this money.

We should not just choose a broker or securities. There are many securities companies and each has different transaction rates.

The transaction fees mentioned above represent the costs of buying and selling shares. This fee is then a source of income for the existing securities company.

The smaller the transaction fee, the more profitable we as customers. However, that does not mean that the securities companies that charge expensive rates are always bad. It could be, the service is better and the application is more satisfying.

After choosing the right securities company, you should immediately prepare documents to open a securities account.

Manage Purchases Right

As a novice investor, it is appropriate that feelings of fear of loss begin to be eliminated little by little. Hesitating at the beginning is natural, but don’t let the feeling of doubt continue to interfere and make our investment just go somewhere, no progress.

If you are still in doubt at the beginning, we can try investing in stocks at a cost of only IDR 5,000. In a stock transaction, there is a lot unit, one lot itself contains 100 shares. The price of one sheet is only Rp. 50, so 1 lot can only cost Rp. 5,000.

However, with a small budget like the one above, will we get big profits in the future? Of course not. To achieve maximum profit, there are certain risks that must be taken. We recommend that you choose the right nominal so that when we receive only 1% profit, we can be satisfied. However, do not also spend all of the existing money.

Instead, use 10% of the total cash in the account that has been deducted from the emergency fund. Every month, top up your securities account as much as 10% of your monthly income to buy shares.

Understand the Stock Index

In the world of stock investing, it is also known as the stock index. Index is a statistical measure of changes in price movements of several stocks which are then selected based on certain factors.

For beginners, feel free to try investing in stocks that are collected in the LQ45 and IDX30 indexes. The stocks on the index have high liquidity values. His name is a beginner, it’s okay if you want to play pretty and safe with little risk.

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Don’t give up when you lose

Just like any business, playing stocks has its advantages and disadvantages. If you experience a loss, you should not panic. Stay calm and patient, because the shares purchased are still likely to rise again.

If you see a stock at a low price, it is advisable to buy it immediately. This method is commonly known as average down. This strategy is an investment strategy in a gradual manner when stock prices on the market decline.

With this technique, our investment value will not drop, it will instead follow market conditions. When the market has recovered, the profits could be greater.

Long-term Stock Investments

Long term stock investing is the same as investing. Try to buy shares every month according to the available budget. Don’t be too concerned with prices that are going up or down, which is sure to have large capital. The key to investing in this long term is to be patient.

There are some ways to invest in stocks for beginners. Are you guys interested? Please try and hopefully continue to be profitable in the future.