Recognize Mistakes in Crypto Investment

Recognize Mistakes in Crypto Investment – Currently, more and more people are investing in their future. One form of currency investment that is very widely used by people is cryptocurrency. Crypto or cryptocurrency investments are now increasingly popular and many people are investing. Even so, many people are also trapped by this crypto hype, so many make mistakes in investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Here are 4 mistakes that often occur when investing in crypto

Recognize Mistakes in Crypto Investment

Impact of Hype

Social media has a huge impact on investing and trading cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies.

Be careful when you use social media. Often you come across articles that promise to make you a millionaire. The media hype is causing a vacuum in investment that makes the value of cryptocurrencies soar.

During this time, long-term investors will sell and make big profits from it, while others will be left with stocks that can’t make much profit.

Trusting Fake Exchanges

Many investors choose the exchange without reading the nominal or related exchange activity. Some of the most popular crypto exchanges also have high prices.

Profit margins are lower when prices are high. As an investor, you should look for low-cost exchanges that are safe and make your portfolio more profitable. The higher the cost, the more investment you make to make a profit while selling it.

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Security is very important for sustainable cryptocurrency investment. To keep you away from hackers and thieves, you should consider buying a hardware wallet for the amount you invest. Make sure that you always use the best in terms of security.

The problem that doesn’t go away is that investors easily trust the Exchange Wallet or the Exchange wallet. They only keep their assets in the exchange. Although reputable exchanges have a long history of protecting investor funds, online systems can be risky. Hackers are always on the lookout to exploit your online investments

A secure hardware wallet protects your cryptocurrency funds but you only use plugins when making transactions.

Buying and Selling in the short term

Often, cryptocurrency investors buy and sell back in a short period of time just because the value soars. It’s not the right technique though

Re-diversify your trading options to allow you to see through a long-term growth plan to get the most out of your investment.

The cryptocurrency market is filled with amateur investors. These generate sales quickly when they are agitated by price fluctuations. As a good investor, you should explore indications of whether this is a good time to buy or sell, and then focus on your experience to trade effectively.

Recognize the Characteristics of Stupid Investments

Recognize the Characteristics of Stupid Investments – For those of you who want to start an investment, surely you will try to choose the best investment and of course it is safe and reliable. The following are some of the characteristics of fraudulent investments that you should avoid:

1. The benefits offered are very high
The first characteristic of fraudulent investments is to offer profits or returns that are too high. Sometimes the return or profit is not logical. Basically, the return on long-term investment is around 15 to 20 percent, even that is uncertain.

So, if the benefits offered from the investment are more than that, then it is suspect. To avoid this, you can compare the benefits offered at bank or deposit interest rates. If the benefits offered far exceed the interest and deposits, then the offer could be a fraudulent investment.

Recognize the Characteristics of Stupid Investments

2. Offer short-term benefits
The next feature of fraudulent investments is the offer of short-term profits.

Please note that the basic principle of investment is that the shorter the investment period and the smaller the risk, the lower the profits. On the other hand, the longer the investment period and the greater the risk, the greater the possibility for profit.

In fraudulent investments, you will usually be offered to get big profits in a short time with minimal risk. So, you have to be careful. You can explore the knowledge of the investment itself.

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3. Problems with legality and licensing
Before the company operates, of course, it must have a valid permit and its legality is known. Likewise for companies that offer investment products. In this case, permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) is very much needed and mandatory.

However, fake investments usually run independently and there is no official permit from the OJK. Therefore, before investing, you need to first check whether the investment has received permission from the OJK or not.

4. Investment products are not clear
In fraudulent investments, usually the products offered or even the company you can’t find valid and clear information on through the official website.

Even when you ask for detailed product and fund management explanations, they will give vague and circular answers. In essence, you will be urged to immediately hand over the funds and after that there will be no news. Therefore, you can check the legality on the official OJK website.

Mistakes to Avoid in Gold Investment

Mistakes to Avoid in Gold Investment – In starting an investment, there will definitely be mistakes that we shouldn’t face, but don’t worry, there are some things we can do to avoid mistakes in investing in gold.

1. Cash flow is still messy

The most common mistake that novice investors make is cash flow that is not well organized. Cash flow is an increase or decrease in the amount of money held by a business, institution, or individual. This is a very crucial aspect of investing, including gold investment.

Before starting to invest, you should manage your personal finances effectively and efficiently, so you can have a positive cash flow.

“If the cash flow is the other way around, you can’t invest in gold regularly or even invest using ‘hot money’,” said Indra.

Mistakes to Avoid in Gold Investment

2. Does not determine investment objectives

Getting as much profit as possible is one of the main goals of investors. It’s not wrong, but the meaning and benefits of investing are far greater than just chasing money. Without having an investment goal, the profits you want to achieve will be more difficult to achieve. This aspect is useful in determining how much investment risk you can take and will be your mecca while investing.

“In addition, with an investment goal, you can easily determine the investment period and the amount of funds needed regularly to achieve these goals,” said Indra.

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3. Choose a digital platform that is not a credible online gold investment provider

In investing in gold online, you must pay attention to the legal aspects of the digital platform provider. Choosing a digital platform that has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) can help you keep investing safely.

“One of the digital platforms for gold investment that has been registered and supervised by the OJK is IndoGold. Moreover, IndoGold also cooperates with a trusted digital payment service, ShopeePay,” said Indra.

4. Gold investment for the short term

Using gold as a short-term investment is not recommended. Although gold prices tend to rise in the long term, gold prices fluctuate in the short term because gold is a traded commodity.

According to Indra, gold prices tend to fluctuate because they are influenced by various factors, such as interest rates and economic conditions “Therefore, investing in this instrument will be more profitable if it is applied in the long term, which is at least 5 years,” he said.

Types of Gold Investment

Types of Gold Investment – To get a profit, many people start investing in their lives. Investment has many types. There are those who invest by using goods or directly with money

Explanation and Types of Gold Investment

1. Gold Certificate

Gold certificates are one of the precious metal investment instruments that are in great demand by many people. Unlike other types, gold certificates do not focus on physical metals, but rather a certificate. The letter proves ownership of gold in a bank and can be sold at a fairly high price.

Types of Gold Investment

2. Gold Bars

The next type of gold investment is bullion. Gold bullion is the right type of investment for those of you who plan to take long-term investments.

The products are timeless and easy to trade. You can find institutions that offer gold investment anywhere, from Pawnshops or other BUMN agencies.

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3. Gold Jewelry

Easy and practical, this type of gold investment is more loved by the lower middle class who do not have access to technology. It’s easy, you just need to buy gold jewelry and store it until the gold price is at its peak.

This method has proven to be profitable and has been used by various levels of society, be it office workers or farmers. Jewelry investment can not be done in the short term.

The reason is, when you buy gold at a jewelry store, you will pay the cost of making gold. If you sell it in the short term, you will not make a profit, because the buyer will only buy the price of gold. By storing gold jewelry in the long term, the price goes up and covers the cost of making the gold paid.

4. Gold Mining Stock

This precious metal investment follows the stock market price. If the gold market conditions are good, the value of the company’s shares will move faster.

The price of gold automatically soared. Even though it is quite profitable, you must remain vigilant in choosing a gold stock company. Make sure the company is registered and has legality from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Easy Tips for Choosing Stocks

Easy Tips for Choosing Stocks – Currently investing is your first step to determine your own future. There have been many people who invest to get rich quick even though the main purpose of investing is to invest in stocks for our future. Many people fail to invest, not because they don’t understand how to invest. But there are still some people who are wrong in choosing a stock. Here are easy tips in finding the best stocks

1. Use Securities with Small Transaction Fees

In stock investment, investors are required to open a securities account that is facilitated by a securities company. After the account has been created, the next investor must top-up a certain amount of funds to a securities account.

The money in the securities account will function like e-money. This money is what investors use to buy the desired online stocks. So, the transaction costs in question are the costs of buying and selling shares. This fee will be the profit of the brokerage company concerned.

Usually the cost of a security is set to 0.19% for purchases and 0.29% for sales. But there is also only 0.15% for purchases and 0.20% for sales.

2. Calculate the advantages and disadvantages first

There are some stocks that only sell for IDR 50 silver per share, you know! In stock investment, you can only buy in units of lots, where one lot consists of 100 shares. If you buy a lot of shares at a price of only Rp. 50 silver per share, it means that you only need to pay Rp. 5000. You have managed to own your own shares.

No need to buy an expensive one, just choose the one that fits your ability. The formula is to peg a profit of at least 1% of the funds you spend to buy shares.

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For example, IDR 5 million for 1% profit worth IDR 50 thousand. If the profit you get can be up to 10% every time the share price goes up you can get at least up to Rp. 500 thousand for free.

3. Choose Stocks Listed on the LQ45 or IDX30 Index

The list of shares issued by the IDX (Indonesian Stock Exchange) is a statistical measure of changes in price movements of a collection of shares, which are selected based on certain criteria.

Well, for beginners who are confused about the first stock purchase, they can choose stocks in the IDX stock index which are members of the LQ45 or IDX30 index. Don’t worry, most of the stocks in the index have very high liquidity.

In addition, the listed companies are also companies with good background and fundamentals.

4. Buying Stocks from Banking or Consumer Goods

After knowing what the LQ45 or IDX30 stock index is, the next step is to choose stocks from banks or companies engaged in consumer goods.

Buying shares from banks and large companies engaged in consumer goods as your first share is the wisest and safest way to experience your first stock playing.


Things to Pay Attention to Before Investing

Things to Pay Attention to Before Investing – When we grow up, you must have spent a lot of money. But as time goes by, more and more people are investing. Most people invest only to get rich quickly. Whereas the essence of investing is to invest in stocks for the future. Here are things you need to do before you invest

1. Determine the Investment Goal

Not knowing the purpose of investment actually makes the investment itself die before it develops because what we have is only enthusiasm at the beginning and stops before getting a return. Therefore, determining investment goals is very important, such as investing because you want to buy a house.

2. Determine the Time Duration to Achieve Investment Goals

How often do we not hear that goals have to be SMART? Well, many people don’t determine the time to achieve it, having a goal without a deadline is what we call dreaming. The right thing is to have seven people who want to buy a car in five years, want to have a business at the age of 30, that’s just a goal, not imagining it.

3. Studying Investment Products

The crucial part is here! Many people invest without knowing what product they are investing in? In what type of asset? Anyway, a high return is good.

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Yes, it’s really good if we understand the product. If we are ready, if we know the current market and economic conditions, if we don’t follow suit. However, if we don’t know anything and only think that the return is high, then we are actually digging for our own losses, so study it first.

4. Allocating Investment Funds As Needed

After knowing the purpose, time, and having studied the investment instrument, then determine how much funds we have to set aside to invest. It’s not because we know, that we save money and allocate as much money as possible from income to invest without paying attention to cashflow, debt, insurance, and other important needs. This is actually dangerous for our own finances.

5. Invest

Investing is consistent and improvised. That is, done consistently and learning continuously. Not only on products but also our knowledge of anything related to investment products. The point is to minimize the losses that we can experience. That’s because there is no investment product that does not have losses. However, the good news is that we can minimize losses even though we cannot avoid them.

Investment Value for Beginners This Way

Investment Value for Beginners This Way

Investment Value for Beginners This Way – Today many young children are starting businesses with stocks, with the promised profits attracting a lot of people. The following is a way to start investing for beginners, which has been summarized from trusted sources.
Stock investing is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, stocks are an easy investment and can provide a lot of benefits. As novice investors, we need to know how to play safe stocks. This cannot be separated from the goal of getting as much profit as possible in the future.

Even though it is said to be one of the easy investments, stock investing is also high risk. Stock players may experience losses in the form of capital losses, or even get profits of up to 20% more in a short period of time.

Then, how to start investing in stocks that are right for beginners? Check out the following discussion.

Choosing the Right Securities

To start investing in stocks, we need to have a securities account or client fund accounts first. This account can be opened at securities companies.

After the account is successfully created, we must deposit a certain amount of money into the securities account. The money in the account will be like electronic money. Purchasing shares online can be made using this money.

We should not just choose a broker or securities. There are many securities companies and each has different transaction rates.

The transaction fees mentioned above represent the costs of buying and selling shares. This fee is then a source of income for the existing securities company.

The smaller the transaction fee, the more profitable we as customers. However, that does not mean that the securities companies that charge expensive rates are always bad. It could be, the service is better and the application is more satisfying.

After choosing the right securities company, you should immediately prepare documents to open a securities account.

Manage Purchases Right

As a novice investor, it is appropriate that feelings of fear of loss begin to be eliminated little by little. Hesitating at the beginning is natural, but don’t let the feeling of doubt continue to interfere and make our investment just go somewhere, no progress.

If you are still in doubt at the beginning, we can try investing in stocks at a cost of only IDR 5,000. In a stock transaction, there is a lot unit, one lot itself contains 100 shares. The price of one sheet is only Rp. 50, so 1 lot can only cost Rp. 5,000.

However, with a small budget like the one above, will we get big profits in the future? Of course not. To achieve maximum profit, there are certain risks that must be taken. We recommend that you choose the right nominal so that when we receive only 1% profit, we can be satisfied. However, do not also spend all of the existing money.

Instead, use 10% of the total cash in the account that has been deducted from the emergency fund. Every month, top up your securities account as much as 10% of your monthly income to buy shares.

Understand the Stock Index

In the world of stock investing, it is also known as the stock index. Index is a statistical measure of changes in price movements of several stocks which are then selected based on certain factors.

For beginners, feel free to try investing in stocks that are collected in the LQ45 and IDX30 indexes. The stocks on the index have high liquidity values. His name is a beginner, it’s okay if you want to play pretty and safe with little risk.

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Don’t give up when you lose

Just like any business, playing stocks has its advantages and disadvantages. If you experience a loss, you should not panic. Stay calm and patient, because the shares purchased are still likely to rise again.

If you see a stock at a low price, it is advisable to buy it immediately. This method is commonly known as average down. This strategy is an investment strategy in a gradual manner when stock prices on the market decline.

With this technique, our investment value will not drop, it will instead follow market conditions. When the market has recovered, the profits could be greater.

Long-term Stock Investments

Long term stock investing is the same as investing. Try to buy shares every month according to the available budget. Don’t be too concerned with prices that are going up or down, which is sure to have large capital. The key to investing in this long term is to be patient.

There are some ways to invest in stocks for beginners. Are you guys interested? Please try and hopefully continue to be profitable in the future.